Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tis the season for tying

pheasant tail and partridge
(natural and black) and pumpkin head midge
With the colder weather closing in and the trips streamside become less frequent, my attention turns to tying.  In the winter months, I review my log book to see what patterns worked well over the last season so that I can replenish stocks of time proven patterns.  Here's and old favorite that has proven itself year after year, the pheasant tail and partridge with a copper bead.  I can never have enough of these as give a lot these to friends and people I meet.   The black version works well in early spring when the small black stoneflies are around.

My favorite way to fish this fly is to trail it off the bend of a large dry fly, but I also love to fish it in a brace of wets.  It even serves well as a dropper on a Euro nymphing rig.
Size 16 wet or nymph hook
2.8mm tungsten copper bead
small copper wire rib
 4 pheasant tail fibers (tail and body)
peacock herl thorax
grey partridge hackle


  1. One of my favorites too!! keep tying , Spring will be here soon enough!!! LOL

  2. TROUTI - If I know you, you could get through an entire season with this single fly !

  3. Great looking flies Mark! They are killers for sure.

  4. Great looking batch of bugs! Always great to have the tying desk when the snow starts falling....

  5. Kiwi and Midgeman - thanks for the comments. The pheasant tail and partridge variations consistently catch fish on both small streams and larger rivers. I have much less experience with the pumpkin head midge, but late fall it has been working pretty well.

  6. Great stuff! I cant wait for Christmas vacation. sitting at my desk by the fire and tying up flies while the kids are hanging around trying to learn how to tie... now that's a way to spend the season. That fly of yours is now on my list to tie up.

  7. Joel - I love tying too, sometimes I wonder which I enjoy more fishing or tying. You can't go wrong with time tested pheasant tail and the partridge collar adds the extra touch of movement in the water.

    best wishes

  8. Hi, great site, great flies and great photos. I like it.