Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top flies of 2012 - Hare's ear wet

It's getting cold around here with snow expected overnight.  It was a good day to get organized and clean up the spring fly box.  Tan and green caddis usually follow the Hendrickson hatch around here.  This past spring, I had good results fishing a hare's ear wet fly similar in construction to the Hendrickson wet.  I tie this fly either with a rusty brown thread or burnt orange thread (both versions are shown below).  For the thorax of this fly and the Hendrickson wet, I form a dubbing loop and touch the dubbing to the waxed thread and then spin it.

 #12 Mustad 3906
Rusty brown thread
brown partridge tail
hare's ear dubbing for body and thorax
gold oval tinsel rib
Brown partridge hackle 

burnt orange thread version


  1. A fly that will take its share of trout.

  2. Brk Trt - I thought you would like the orange head version. At the end of April last year, when tan caddis were on the water, this fly swung "under" the rises fooled quite a few good sized browns and rainbows even after the caddis disappeared.

  3. The Hare's Ear has to be one of my favorite flies--I like the variations of the two patterns you have tied here, the brute orange version is yet another option in tying this fantastic pattern --thanks for sharing

  4. Bill - the rusty brown thread version was what I fished last year and did well with. Brk Trt has been experimenting with orange headed flies for small streams, so I tied it to experiment with on some small streams and it has had some success but still testing it. It reminds me of the North country style March brown without the wings and gold tinsel rib instead of the orange silk.

  5. Mark, those are gorgeous flies... well done! Happy New Year!

  6. This a great evening caddis fly. It is similar to a hares ear spider. I tie lots of them and it is my anchor for rivers like the Hurunui river in New Zealand's South Island. For the rib I used waxed yellow silk, and no tail.
    Tight lines

  7. Burnt orange thread really compliments those river flies go's great with partridge, pheasant and hare, very nice spiders!


  8. Kiwi - thanks and happy new year to you as well.

    Brian and Col - I love the north country spiders so a lot of the wets I tie bear a strong resemblance to them.

  9. Looks just like an Endricks spider a great early season north country spider. Tie it with a copper bead for a head for added weight.. great blog..