Monday, January 14, 2013

Top flies of 2012 - isonychia comparadun

Next up in the series - top flies of 2012 is the isonychia compardun.  The isonychia is a large mayfly that appears in late August and remains on the water through October in the northeast.  While you rarely see "hatch" with large numbers of insects on the water, you will see a couple here and there throughout late summer and fall.  Because the isonychia dun are so large (#10-12), at a time when most insects are small, and the fact that the fish are used to seeing them for a long time, they usually draw a response.  This past season, I caught fish on this large dry fly even when there were no duns around.  This fly is always in my box by the time fall rolls around and I fish it often.

For this comparadun, I use a spectrumized Mahogany Brown dubbing which is similar to the dubbing used on the Hendrickson comparadun but with less yellow and more gray, purple, and red in it.

TMC 100 #10-12
Rusty brown UTC thread
4 dun microfibbets split 2 to each side for the tail
Mahogany Brown spectrumized dubbing (Delaware River club)
wing - dark coastal deer hair


  1. Very well tied.
    The proportions are super.

    1. Thanks Brt Trt - I wish the spectrumized dubbing was clearer to see in the picture, but the fly picture is actually a fly that I caught a few fish on so the body is a bit roughed up but it does show the durability of these flies.

  2. Mark
    Professionally tied----I am looking forward to a post on this pattern. thanks for sharing

  3. Bill - thanks for the compliment. If you want to see what this fly can do, just read my posts from July 14 through Sept 21 from 2012. It's mentioned in most of those outings as taking fish.

  4. Mark
    Just finished viewing those post July 14 through Sept 21 and I have to admit this little fly can produce--that 17" brown is outstanding. I really envy you and Alan with all those outstanding streams you fish. If I could live my life over my wife and I would have never settled in the South; the Northeast would be our home. Enjoyed reading all the posts.

    1. Bill - I've lived my whole life in the northeast. There is abundance of water and wild places around although sometimes we have to drive a bit to get there. I've always enjoyed the 4 seasons as well, even in winter with the snow falling like today. There a line from Psalm 16:6 that puts it well "the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places..."