Friday, March 29, 2013

What's so "good" about Good Friday?

Have you ever wondered why we refer to the day we remember the death of Jesus Christ as “Good Friday”?  An innocent man convicted and sentenced to a brutal, agonizing death; what “good” is there in that?  So is “Good Friday” really good?

For me, this day is bittersweet.  I reflect on a day of great pain and suffering but also great victory.  It is “good” because it was on the cross where God’s justice and mercy wonderfully embrace.  God’s mercy is shown as He provides His Son, Jesus Christ, the only sinless one, as substitute for me, someone who can never meet God’s perfect standard of righteousness.  And yet as I marvel in the wonders of God’s love in providing a substitute, I am equally overcome by how God’s act perfectly satisfies His desire for justice.  You see for God to remain just, He can not simply overlook and forget about sin, as if it never occurred.  On the cross, God pours out on Jesus all of His holy wrath for my sin.  When Jesus cries from the cross “it is finished” the way for the redemption of me and all mankind from our sin is fully and completely opened.  There is nothing more left to be done, no more sacrifice, no more work, nothing!  Simple faith in Jesus’ work on the cross on your and my behalf is all that is required to be declared righteous.

One final question remains …So what do you make of the events remembered this day?  Do you trust solely in Jesus’ work on the cross to save you from your sin?  Or do you think this is just some religious fairy tale? The answer to that question determines whether this is a “Good Friday” or just another day.


  1. What a great and "good" day is was and is indeed. To know God gave his only son to die for our sins so we could have eternal life.Being Catholic Holy Thursday started a three day weekend for us starting with the Garden to the Cross to the Risen Christ.

    As Jesus taught us we are blessed for believing without seeing. For those seeking the historical side of events we will see in the next forty days something that happens that is so big it sent his Apostles from hiding and denying his existence to suffering the same or worse fate.