Saturday, April 6, 2013

A tale of two afternoons

Rock wall fences and small streams in the New England countryside
I was traveling this weekend so I tossed my small stream kit in the car and took the opportunity to fish a wild trout stream yesterday afternoon and then this afternoon on the way home.

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful spring day with the sun shining bright in a clear blue sky, air temperatures pushing 60F, and very little wind to deal with.  When I arrived at a favorite pool there were a few fish rising.  I tried the peacock and elk hair caddis and picked up the first wild brown. There were quite a few olives in the air and I figured the rising fish were taking olive emergers.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any olives with me but I did have a couple of small parachute Adams and figured it would do in a pinch and the fish agreed.

A wild brown that chased a peacock and elk hair caddis
When you don't have an olive emerger try an Adams !

As I moved downstream, the Adams was getting plenty of attention. As I was working the Adams along side a log with a nice deep slot when a big brookie came up and slammed it hard and headed for the bottom.  When the hook drove home, the brookie exploded into the air with two huge leaps giving me a good look at his size.  After the second leap, he managed to throw the hook.  As I continued to moved downstream another good sized fish grabbed the Adams and headed for the bottom and the hook lost hold again!  This time I checked the hook and sure enough it was bent.  I must have bent the hook tugging it out of a tangle in a tree limb.  A rookie mistake that cost two nice fish to hand.  I finished the afternoon with another brown on the Adams and this brown also took me to task running into a rocky shallow and rubbing himself loose.

The streamside vegitation is starting to break through the cold earth
This afternoon was a completely different day, with the air temperature barely reaching 40 and windy making things challenging.  A quick check of the water temp showed a chilly 43.  I opted to go back to the Adams with a trailing pheasant tail soft hackle.  In the first run I picked up a healthy brown on the PT.  The PT picked up another brown in some nice pocket water.  A pair of brookies were taken on the Adams and then the afternoon was finished off with the very handsome brown on an peacock elk hair caddis.

A pair of browns on the pheasant tail soft hackle

A pair of brookies that attacked the Adams


  1. Spring is finally showing itself. Nice fish.

  2. Swamp Yankee - yes it is !

  3. Strike it rich.
    Well done Mark.

    1. Thanks Alan, it's nice to be out in the warmer weather and see some green starting to poke through even if it is only skunk cabbage

  4. Mark
    The camera work in this post is exceptional. Beautiful trout with amazing colors---I love the fishing the PA it is one of my favorite dry flies. thanks for sharing a great post.

    1. Thanks Bill, I especially like the picture of the brookie in water (next to last), I was hoping that one would come out nice.