Sunday, September 15, 2013

Use two hands !

Well today I had the chance to finally do something I wanted to do for a while, take a two handed casting lesson.  Jerry, Fred, and Mary of Spey Casting North East provided the equipment and some excellent instruction.  I can't say enough about their instruction and friendly, encouraging attitude.  They really explained the mechanics of the cast and the role of the anchor so that we when went to the water things really came together for me.

They had me doing a decent single spey, double spey, circle C, and even an upstream perry poke.  It was a blast and I was totally hooked on this method of casting.  Now all I have to do is find a rod and getting in some practice before the broodstock salmon season in CT !   


  1. Mark
    Hats off to you for mastering this type casting, hope you make a connection with the salmon this season. thanks for sharing

  2. Well....I wouldn't say I "mastered" it but got a good start learning.