Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adirondacks Day 2 - continued

Here is the final installment of pictures taken during a couple days in the Adirondacks.  Day 2 started with a hike up Mt Jo.  As the mountains cleared the views were really opening up.  When we got back to Adirondac Loj it was a little after noon.  The day was turning out to a spectacular day and I wanted to get one more hike in before returning home.   Cascade was the plan but the estimated hike time was about 5h for the round trip and I would be starting around 1pm which would make for a late start home but I just couldn't resist the opportunity or the challenge of trying to get up and back in minimal time.

The hike up took 83 minutes, enough time to enjoy the windswept bare rock vistas and one of the best views of the High Peaks.  From Cascade I could see almost half of the 46 peaks with summits above 4000 ft. These aren't tall by western standards but as rugged as you will find anywhere!

Mt Colden and Avalanche pass in background 
Mt Van Hoevenberg and Round Lake in foreground.  You can see
Lake Placid off to the R and the Olympic bobsled run on the lower
R of Mt Van Hoevenberg which was the sight for the sledding and
Nordic skiing events in the 1984 winter olympics

My favorite shot from Cascade.  You can see many of the Peaks in the Great range from here.  Marcy is on the R.
The rocks in the Adirondacks are unique to the east and are distinct from the rest of the Applachians.

A final view from Cascade


  1. Mark
    Absolute beautiful scenery, I think my favorite image is from the Mercy view to the right, standing there on the large boulders; that image should be framed. Have you fished any of the streams in the lower areas of the mountains? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - there are tons of small streams to explore in this area, some hold brook trout and others still haven't recovered from the damage of acid rain. I saw lots of bridges over brooks being repaired from Irene damage so hopefully the construction will not result in excessive sedimentation and significantly impact the next generation of brook trout.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ben, it is a magnificent area

  3. beautiful mountains, thanks for sharing Mark.