Saturday, November 23, 2013

A November day on the Farmington

The bright red berries of Barberry along the river 
Today was a cold, blustery day on the Farmington River.  The air temps hovered around the lower 40's with a biting wind but the bright autumn sun was a welcome relief.

I Euro nymphed early with no interest and then met up with Pete (TROUTI).  We fished a decent stretch of river in the late morning into early afternoon but didn't move any fish.  I was ok with the lack of action, this is to be expected if you are going to fish on colder days.

A clear sunny, windy day on the Farmington
After discussing our options we arrived at a plan for the afternoon.  We crossed the river and hiked down to the run we selected.  I started Euro-nymphing at the head of the run.  I had a good bump but had the tippet knot failed and I lost the fish, anchor, and the dropper.  I replaced the anchor and dropper and tried again.  This time I connected with a decent fish that proceed to leap several times.  We both thought I had hooked a rainbow but it turned out to be nicely colored 14" brown.

A colorful brown that took the DDT micro nymph
While I was fishing the head of the run, Pete was swinging an articulated streamer in the tail and managed to connect with a very nice 16" brown that hit the streamer hard.  A pair of decent fish at in the late afternoon was a nice way to end the day.  I did stick around to see if I could spot any fish sipping small olives but the wind pretty much shut down any surface action down.

Pete with a nice brown in the net
The last brown of the afternoon


  1. Mark!! We had a nice afternoon, although we did work hard for the fish. Good to get out and fish with you again! Nice Photos also!!

  2. Saturday was a day where work was in order, the kind of work we'll take any day.
    They're wonderful fish all, but that last brown looks 100% wild.
    Thanks guys.

    1. Thanks Brk Trt, work yes but a pleasant task for sure.

  3. Mark
    Isn't it a bumper with the knot fails and you lose a nice trout? I fished Thursday on what I called a bluebird day with a slight wind and it was extremely slow with my only rainbow being taken on a dry. I tend to notice casting, line, equipment and the action on my flies on slow days and Thursday was that day. I will doing a post on leaders and tippets Monday, which was one the things I kept noticing Thursday. Thanks for sharing

  4. Cold weather fishing often ends up being more about the experience than the fish, looks like you guys did pretty good for the day.

  5. Never like to lose a fish, but hay, you cannot blame the fish!! Great post, thanks.

    1. Nope - all on me; thanks for stopping by