Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some new small stream flies - the pinkie

Last year I reviewed my top ten flies for 2013.  When looking at my logbook, I quickly realized that the top ten didn't change much in 2014.  Comaparaduns of various colors and sizes dominated my fishing on larger rivers.  I did notice that this year, I introduced a couple new small stream flies into the small stream box.  Over the next couple weeks, I will post a picture and recipe for these flies that I've found myself using more frequently on small streams.  The flies aren't new but I have discovered their effectiveness in various small stream situations over this past year.

My small stream fishing is still dominated by Fran Better's Ausable Bomber and the Royal Wulff. This year, I've add Fran's mini muddler with yellow quill wing to the mix.  This fly has become one of my top three.   Links to all three flies can be found in the fly box section on the right hand side of the blog.   This winter, I've discovered how effective the very simple pinkie can be.  Alan (Small stream reflections) introduced me to this fly and to be honest, I was skeptical about using a bright pink fly. It just doesn't look like a trout fly!  But in the winter, this fly will take brook trout and wild browns as well.  I don't fish it with any weight since the streams I fish this fly in don't really need it but you could add a brass or tungsten bead to provide a little more weight for those deeper runs. There are only two materials needed to tie this fly; hot pink micro ultra chenille and pink thread and that's it!  I use a short hook like the TMC 2487 and wrap the chenille around the hook 3 times and leave excess at both ends.  In the water the ends move around giving it some movement.

This far-out fly has found a place in my box.  Although I have it in the last row so I can easily put my hand over them when someone wants to look in my box!  We wouldn't want anyone to see that I carry pink flies with me!

The pinkie
TMC 2487 #16 hook 
Pink thread
Pink micro ultra chenille


  1. Seeing you and Alan posting about using the pinkie I've tried tying a few up... but as yet, and "scared" to use it for the same feelings you aluded to! Now I feel the need to use it for sure. My question though... you note it's a #16... I'm guessing the total length is about 1 inch to 1.25 inches? Is that correct?

  2. Hibernation - that's about right but the length isn't that critical you just don't want it too big - all that pink might scare the fish!

  3. Mark
    It is amazing how a simply little fly like the pinkie will attract trout. I am still trying to figure out what the trout relate this to??? Thanks for sharing

    1. Who know what trout think it is. Maybe it just looks like a worm of some kind?

  4. Replies
    1. I still can't believe this thing works, but you showed me otherwise!!!!

  5. Mark,
    How do you fish it?

  6. Cliff - On small stream I just toss it into the current and let it drift then twich it back when it's drifted through the area I am targeting. Fish take it on the drift and also during the retrieve. I don't know why but they do.

  7. Have you ever tried it in the summer?