Monday, April 7, 2014


I was out for a little on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Saturday was cold, raw, and overcast. The stream I fished was up quite a bit from some rain the nice before.  The stream was clear but I wasn't surprised that fishing streamers and wet flies did not produce much.

A grey day among the thorns

After a good bit of walking, I managed one decent sized, feisty, chub for my efforts.  Despite the dour day, I did notice several sign posts indicating a transition in the seasons, and so I remain hopeful.

Finally some green showing on the skunk cabbage

Sunday was a completely different day with a warm inviting sun.  Walking along a local stream, I noticed a decent stonefly hatch.  The first decent one of the season but the fish really didn't take any notice.  Maybe in the warmer days ahead.

The trees are getting ready for spring


  1. I like seeing that skunk cabbage starting to wake up... and the bud's starting to fill out! Looks like a nice bit of fishing even if the catching part was not off the charts.

    1. Will - it's good to get out and walk in the woods anytime of year.

  2. Mark
    Beautiful stream you were fishing there. I know that very stream will produce for you soon--looking forward to a report from that area. Thanks for sharing

  3. I agree fishing will indeed pick up. By mid April dries will be in style.

  4. It's been a slow process for spring to really arrive but we're getting there.