Friday, August 1, 2014

Some wet flies to try

Just a quick tying post.  I recently read Dave Hughes article is Flyfishing and Tying Journal entitled "Evening rise and the wet fly".  Being a fan of wets, I decided to tie a few and try them out.  I was particularly interested in Hughes' approach to using the March Brown flymph when fish are taking rusty spinners since it can be challenging to fish small rusty spinners in low light.

Here are the march brown (rusty spinners) and winged hare's ear (caddis) that Hughes describes.  I used brown squirrel dubbing on the march brown to give it a more rust colored body.  The bodies on these flies are dubbed with a dubbing loop to provide for a rough body and to allow the thread and dubbing to work together when wet to give the desired color.

March Brown Flymph #16 Mustad  R50
3 pheasant tail fiber for the tail
Cardinal Pearsall silk
brown squirrel dubbing (combination of the thread and dubbing to give a rusty color)
Brown hen hackle

Hare's ear winged wet #16 Mustad R70
pheasant tail fiber for the tail
Cardinal Pearsall silk
hare's ear dubbing
hen pheasant tail slips for the wing

For small olives, here's an olive flymph

Olive flymph #18 Mustad R50
medium dun hackle fibers for tail
Primrose yellow Pearsall silk
muskrat fur dubbing
medium dun hen hackle


  1. I like the buggy look of that first one.
    Ever fish it here?

  2. Mark
    All of these flies are impressive. The wet fly is still a work in progress for me. Super nice job at the bench. Thanks for sharing