Sunday, November 16, 2014

A November afternoon walk

This afternoon I took a walk along a favorite small stream.  The water level was predictably low and I saw and spooked more fish than I coaxed to the fly.

The cool temps, gray skies, and ocassionaly snow showere didn't suggest that the dry fly was going to be very effective but sometimes I just enjoy fishing a dry fly on a small stream regardless of the results.  

Today I fished a #18 purple haze just for fun.  I had a handful of brief hookup with one to hand but it was great to be outside for couple of hours.  Being outside for a couple hours is medicine for the soul


  1. This time of year it is certainly nice be out along the water. Beautiful pictures of the berries and brook trout.

  2. Nice little guy! Glad to see the dries still working for you even in this weather. Does the purple haze tend to work better for you than the regular para adams? I have never tried one.

  3. Thanks RML, Bill, and RI brook trout for your comments. Regarding the purple haze, this outing was an experiment. Sometimes you just want to tie and fish something a little different. This time of year the parachute Adams in small sizes is a good bet to coax some dry fly action. I was wondering if the purple haze would work equally as well. At this point I can't say it is a better fly but it does at least seem equally effective. tight lines everyone!

  4. Nice pictures Mark, lovely colours on the little Brookie.