Monday, December 15, 2014

A December morning on the Farmington

It was a cool morning on the Farmington River this morning but as soon as the sun came out the mercury started to climb to the 40 degree mark. Around noon there were a good number of olives about but they were largely ignored.  I did manage to coax one snout to the surface but I missed it.

I started off the morning Euro nymphing with a frenchie anchor and a small foam egg trailing behind.  At the first location I dropped a decent brown but  connected with and landed a nice rainbow and brown on the foam egg

At a second location, the nymphing continued to produce taking two browns, this time both browns took the frenchie anchor.  As the sun began to warm things up the olives started coming off. I was thinking of packing it in and heading to a spot that might have some dry fly action.  Before I did and let the rig drift through a deep slow channel between two strong currents and hooked a decent fish. From the head shaking and deep dives, I was pretty certain it was a big brown.  When I finally got a glimpse of the fish, I could see it was big brown.  Even though I didn't accurately measure it, it was easily the biggest I've landed to date.

My personal best Farmington Brown
Some bittersweet in the morning sun


  1. Nice Job Mark!!! Congrats on PB!! You had a great day for December weather wise and catching wise!!!

  2. Pete and Swamp Yankee - thanks!

  3. Good for you! That is a very nice brown trout!

  4. Some smashing Browns mark especially your new pb.

  5. Replies
    1. Kirk, Col and Howard - thanks very much, it was a great day to be out on the river and the fishing wasn't bad either!

  6. And some sunlight, too. Nice going in mid-December.

  7. Yes Walt, the morning sun made the morning so much more pleasant!

  8. Awesome looking Brown. Congrats on upping your mark.