Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Mid September afternoon

With the warm, dry weather we've had here in Southern New England, I've kept away from the small streams.   I've been looking back at my log book and remembered the excellent fall fishing last year and hoping that this year is another good year.  With thoughts of fall I headed out for a late afternoon scouting trip to see if things were starting to pick up.

I started out nymphing and found a couple browns and rainbows interested in both large and small pheasant tail variations (12/18).   I continued nymphing until I started to see some isonychia coming off around me.

I did see a couple snouts breaking the surface in some riffles nearby, so I picked up the dry fly rod and managed one brown and missed another nice brown as I caught a glimpse of his golden flank and the hook failed to hold.

There was more activity as the afternoon light faded into darkness but in the failing light I wasn't able to figure out what they fish were rising to.  Even though it's still early to expect the fish to be in full fall mode, it was a pleasant afternoon to be out in the fresh air enjoying a mid September afternoon.


  1. Mark
    The Pheasant Tail has got to be my favorite nymph. thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill - with isos and olives around big and small pheasant tails are a good choice