Sunday, November 6, 2016

A November morning

A November morning on the Yellow Breeches
We went to PA for the weekend to visit our daughter at college.  Saturday morning was one of those crystal clear, warm November mornings that are such a pleasure to be outside. The Yellow Breeches was quite picturesque with it's large sycamore trees standing guard along the banks and the woodland still showing the golds and oranges of late fall.

I ended up fishing a bead head pheasant tail soft hackle and hooked a handful of stunning browns in many shallow depressions with some moving water.

A beautiful wild Yellow Breeches brown


  1. A very nice trout, congratulations.

  2. Mark; Beautiful colored browns especially the last one!! Me thinks there is a method to your madness here!!!LOL I see a pattern developing!!:)

    1. Pete - That girl made the best collage choice EVER!