Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fly Fishermen's Guide to the Adirondacks

I will be presenting a "Fly Fishermen's Guide to the Adirondacks" twice in the coming month.  This presentation describes both the unique geology and history of the Adirondack mountains and how these have affected the brook trout of the region.  Information for accessing this unique fishery is also provided.

Thursday Sept 14; 7PM
Hammonasset Chapter of Trout Unlimitted
Quinnipiac River Watershed Association
540 Oregon Rd
Meriden, CT  06451

Wednesday Sept 20; 7PM
The Farmington River Angler's Association
Farmington Senior Center
321 New Britain Ave
Unionville, CT 06085


  1. Sounds great, any chance you'd like to share the text/body of the presentation for those of us who won't be able to make it?

    1. Klags - that might be tough since there are a lot of pictures and narrative that I haven't written down, just an outline really

  2. LOOKING FORWADER TO THE Fly Fishermen's Guide to the Adirondacks fishing rod