Monday, July 9, 2018

Remembering a friend

Last week my friend Pete (TROUT1) passed away after a long bout with cancer.  I had a chance to visit with him before he passed and we laughed about the adventures we had together over the years.  Despite everything he was going through he always managed to have a positive attitude which is something I will always remember.

One of many New Year's Day spent
I first met Pete after an email exchange during which he graciously offered to show me around a local stream that he had fished for years.  That first meeting turned into a friendship that took us fishing small streams and larger rivers all over Pete’s home state of CT.  Having spent his entire life in the same general area, he was wealth of information that he was gracious enough to freely share.  I would have never started fishing the Farmington River without his encouragement and guidance and it was Pete that introduced me to tight line nymphing.  
Pete fishing the Farmington on a cold
November day

Pete was an well rounded fly fisherman who was at home fishing dries, nymphing, or swinging streamers but he was a master of fishing wet flies. At Christmas time or his birthday I would tie him some of his favorite bead head pheasant tail soft hackles and he would proceed to catch more fish on the flies that I tied for him than I ever could. A fact that he would remind me of frequently.

I will miss you friend!

Our last outing together, Opening day 2018.  Pete with his son Matt,
Alan and myself


  1. Nice piece for a friend mark, RIP Pete and my condolences to all his friends & family.

  2. Mark, a sad loss indeed.
    It was good to fish with Pete and to know that he truly loved family, fishing, and the buddies who fished with him.
    I have very fond memories of the times I spent fishing with him.

  3. A very nice tribute to your friend, Pete. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones.

  4. Mark
    So sorry to hear about Pete, I remember reading probably his last post, which was about the opening trout fishing day 2018. I'm glad all you guys were able to make that day special for Pete. Thanks for sharing

  5. George, Alan, Sam, and Bill thank you for well wishes and comments

  6. Mark,
    A beautiful tribute to Pete. He would call me up so excited every time he received one of your gifts and he couldn't wait to put them to use. He loved fishing those bhshpt.

    1. Mike - My condolences on the passing of your brother! It was my pleasure to tie those for him and then watch him do his magic. May God comfort you and your family

  7. mark , sorry to hear about the passing of Pete. I know he was a true friend. I know I enjoyed his posts and felt like I knew him even though I never met him. I hope everything is well with you, we will speak soon.. Take care.