Friday, December 21, 2018

One final brown

Wow, what a fall it's been around here!  We sold our home back in September and moved into a new home at the end of October and life has been a blur since!  Most of the boxes have been at least opened and we are working through all the details of setting up a new home as well as figuring out the commute into Cambridge MA.  Needless to say, fishing has taken a back seat while we sort things out BUT we did need to pick up my daughter from college in PA and that meant a quick trip to the Yellow Breeches.

Last brown of 2018
My PA friends tell me it was been a rough fall for them with all the rain and flooding.  When I've fished the Breeches in years past, I could always find a few fish even in December but this year the fish were few a far between. 

The afternoon was pleasantly warm with the sun making it feel like early fall.  It was just so wonderful to be out in the warm air with the sun shining that the lack of activity really didn't matter all that much. It was just nice to be out on a pretty stretch of water with my 3wt in hand standing in some moving water.  The midges were enjoying the warm air too and quite a few were in the air.

It wasn't until late in the afternoon that I connected with the first and only fish of the day, a decent holdover brown that took a black zibra midge.  I probably won't have the chance to fish again until the new year, so this late inning brown will probably be the last fish of 2018.  This next year should be a year of settling in to our new location and doing some exploring now that the move is behind us.  I am sure I'll still head back to CT to fish some of my favorite water back there and there will be trips to the Adirondacks as well.  


  1. Mark, I am glad your move is complete and hope you enjoy your new home and station in life working in Cambridge. Depending upon where your new home is, the Swift is probably an hour and a half away. My guess is that you will master that stream in short order. Salmon that over flowed the Quabbin dam are swimming around in there now. Congrats on the Yellow Breeches brown and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    1. Sam - thanks for the suggestion and Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Mark
    I'm glad you guys are getting settled in your new home and on your way to fishing some new streams. My wife and I can relate to moving, hopefully we will be in our new home the first week in March.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - I wish you well on your move! Hopefully your will be a smooth one and Merry Christmas