Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year's Day tradition

This past New Year's day Kirk, Alan and I continued our first day tradition of fishing a small stream together.  Past New Year days have brought cold bitter winds, single digit temperatures where finding open water was a challenge, and damp grey clouds but this year we were blessed with warm pleasant conditions.

Still the day brought it own challenge due to the heavy rains the previous evening prior.  I fished a pink worm with bead head, trailed by a small egg.  In some spots, I even needed to add a small shot to keep the flies down, something I rarely do on a small stream. 

The morning started off slow for all of us.  I had a few brief hookups on both the worm and egg.  Alan worked his way up to the pool below the waterfall to the right and connected with his first brown of the year ( see the link here:small stream reflections).  When I was looking through old pictures, I ran across a picture of our friend Pete, who passed away this past year, with his first brown of the year from that same pool the last time we all fished together.  A fitting tribute to a good friend!

Near the end of the afternoon, I manged to find a brook trout that was willing to take a weighted Ausable Ugly twice, so I switched to a silver doctor wet since I thought it would be fun to catch the first fish of the year on a classic wet fly,  He took it once but again I could not connect.