Friday, January 25, 2019

Adirondack Waterfalls

The Adirondacks are one of the wildest places that I've spent some time it.  The terrain is rugged and wet which combines to produce some very picturesque waterfalls.  I've photograph waterfalls in all seasons and here are some of my favorites.  Some are large and powerful others small and intimate and may only exist briefly for a season.

Auger Falls one of my favorite falls to hike to and photograph

This little "fall" I came across one spring 
A fall Adirondack scene
A newly discovered waterfall


  1. Mark
    Beautiful, how many of those streams have you fish? I would imagine the terrain could be tricky. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - I've caught fish in all those streams except for the last which I visited for the first time in Dec. That one will have to wait for the season to open again.

  2. Waterfalls are special places that inspire us poetically. There the streams break open momentarily, as if to implore us to inspect the beauty of flowing water. Not insignificantly, they also offer plunge-pools harboring beautiful fish. Nice work, Mark.

  3. Walt - Waterfalls just seem to draw us in. Leaving the fishing aspect aside, there is just something beautiful about falling water! thanks