Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Ausable Ugly

Another of my favorite winter flies is the Ausable Ugly by Richard Garfield, a native of the Adriondacks. I have a particular love for flies designed for the high gradient waters of the Adirondacks.

I've been fishing the "Ugly" for a few years and often pull it out of the box when I need a heavy nymph/streamer to fish in the late winter or anytime the water is up after good rain.  Like the picket pin, it can be fished as a nymph, or retrieved like a mini streamer.  You will notice that I added a fire orange thread hot spot on two just to experiment.

Ausable Ugly Material list: 
Thread: Grey UTC 70DN
Tail - muskrat fibers
Body - heavily dubbed muskrat
Rib:  Silver ultrawire (Sm)
Hackle - grizzly hen, palmered from bend to eye
Rough it up with a wire brush or velcro when finished, it's supposed to be ugly!


  1. Mark
    Great add on with the color; orange or red is always an excellent attractor! Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - thanks! Will let you know if the hotspot is an improvement

  2. I like the idea "adding a hotspot". I use real silk Pearsall's thread for my hotspots. It adds an antiquarian mojo, in my view.

    1. John - Pearsall's definitely brings a bit of tradition in!