Friday, July 19, 2019

An Afternoon in one of my favorite places, Shenandoah National Park

Anticipation - the road to SNP
So after three fantastic days in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park it was time to turn towards home.

The next morning's drive brought me into Virginia's Blue Ridge mountains .

With the Shenandoah National park ahead of me, the afternoon plans were taking shape in my mind. A quite check in at the campsite followed by a hike down to Camp Rapidan.

Enjoying the late afternoon sun on Hoover's porch
Camp Rapidan was built by President Hoover as a presidential getaway before there was a Camp David.  Hoover was an avid fly fisherman so it is no surprise that he choose to locate the camp where the Mill Prong and the Laurel Prong join to form the Rapidan.

I spent a bright afternoon fishing down the Mill Prong, up the Laurel Prong a little ways, and down the Rapidan.  I really wanted to catch a brook trout in all three branches, which I did.

It took a few fly changes at first to dial things in; the brook trout had a preference for a large black foam ant, so that's what I fished for the entire afternoon along three beautiful streams.


  1. Amazing info Mark - I had no idea of that bit of history. Gorgeous streams and fish!

    1. Will - I love the history and the place! If you are ever traveling down that way you definitely have to visit!