Sunday, August 18, 2019

Further up and deeper in

While searching around for the previous stream, I traveled across another very interesting looking brook.  From the topo maps, this stream had a lot of potential with a good gradient running through some steep gorges.  I even had a hint there might be waterfall upstream somewhere so off I went on another Saturday morning.

The water was still a cold 60F in early August which was a good sign.  I think I found what I was looking for!


  1. That is some very scenic water!

    1. Rowan - Classic Adirondack terrain, this is why I love exploring there

  2. What a wonderful thing, 60 degree water in August. Those brook trout look real healthy and appear to be eating pretty well. Props for making the effort to connect with those beauties.

    1. Sam - This hike in was a highlight of the summer so far!

  3. Hi Mark. Beautiful scenery and of course the rewards as well. Thank you for taking us along. By the way, which camo shirts do you like for summer/fall adventures? Thank you
    James - SW Florida

    1. James - Thanks for your comment, sometimes I wonder if people are still reading this stuff. The posts are less descriptive with more pictures, I am seeing if people relate to that style better.

      For shirts, I've been wearing the "real-tree" performance shirts (long and short sleeve). They are polyester and are pretty cool when I am hiking. You can get them on amazon for $19. If you search on "real tree camo performance shirt" you will find them.

    2. Thank you Mark. Keep the picture, words, and message coming. I travel to your neck of the woods daily to unwind fro the day. Thank you 🙏

    3. Thank you James for your encouragement. How did your brook trout painting project turn out?

  4. I see you were born in PA. I lived there in late 60's - early 70's. My inlaws had a cottage at Lk Wallenpaupack = lots of Pocono fishing. Did you subscribe to PA Angler magazine? I wrote to Chauncey K. Lively who wrote me back, a handwritten letter, in the most beautiful penmanship. Unfortunately the letter was lost in a subsequent move. Keep up the good work. Z'Bohum.

    1. John - I grew up in PA before I headed off to college in New York State. We spent 11 years in New York before moving to CT. I never spent much time in the Poconos but I know the lake you are speaking about. Too bad you lost the letter! Thanks

  5. Hi Mark. Would you consider making a tying video for your black stimulator dry fly, please? Thank you. 🙏
    James SW Florida

    1. James - I have to figure out how to produced them now that Windows movie maker is no longer available but it's basically the same as any stimulator just with black dubbing, black hackle, and black rubber legs to look like a cricket.

    2. James - here is the recipe and a picture.
      The link is to the right of the blog on in the fly box

    3. Thank you Mark. Sounds easy enough. :-)

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