Thursday, December 26, 2019

Top 5 brook trout of 2018 - #5

Here's a quick look back at 5 memorable brook trout adventures from 2018.  These 5 brook trout from the past year aren't necessarily the biggest or the most stunning, but the story of finding them makes them the most memorable.

For #5 this is certainly the case, there was nothing that remarkable about this fish except the conditions under which we found it.  Alan and I had made plans to open the 2018 trout season on a stream that we both have fished before.  Heavy rain during the prior evening continued into the early morning.  On the drive down to CT, I had my doubts about whether the trip was worth the effort.  Every stream I saw was running very high and so off-color that I had very little hope of catching anything.

Alan and I visited a couple of spots and decided that it wasn't worth the effort.  Alan suggested we check one more in the area and so off we went.  It was running very high and off-color also but we did find a couple fish in the soft seams.  We were walking up a tiny tributary, when I decide to run the flies through an undercut and to our surprise a decent brook trout was seeking refuge from the main stem.  That fish made the day and we headed back to the vehicles to call it a day.

Number 5/2018


  1. Mark, Edward Ringwood Hewitt (who I have always been a fan of) a famous trout fisherman, once wrote when faced with horrible weather conditions, on a trip to a famous brook trout fishery resorted to bait fishing. Have you ever considered that?

    1. John - I grew up bait fishing small trout streams but once I started fly fishing, I haven't fished bait since. I guess I enjoy the challenge even under tough conditions. It took some bright, big flies but we did manage a few even in muddy water which made the day a memorable one because we persevered.

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