Saturday, January 11, 2020

Top 5 brook trout of 2019 - Number 1

 This past October, I had my first opportunity to fish a few small Adirondack ponds.  A friend and I camped and fished in an area of the Adirondack Park that I was unfamiliar, which isn't too hard to understand when you realize that the park encompasses 6 million acres and has some diverse landscape.  The area we fished is not particularly mountainous but is loaded with lakes and ponds of various sizes that have recovered from the damage of acid rain in the 70's which devastated brook trout populations.

We packed and portaged to some amazingly beautiful small and medium sized ponds.  It took me a few days to get the paddling and trolling down but the last day I did catch some of the largest and stoutest brook trout of my life.  These trout were by no means large for the ponds, where the trout can grow up to 4 lbs with trophy fish approaching 5 lbs.  But I have to say that the males were were the most stunning brook trout I've caught in my life.  Period.

Below is a picture of one of two similarly sized and colored males that were caught trolling a hare's ear wet fly.  This was a trip that I will long remember and plans are in motion to fish the ponds this spring.

Is there a more beautiful fish than and pre-spawn Adirondack brook trout?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Top 5 brook trout of 2019 - Number 2

Number 2 on the top brook trout of 2019 countdown is this bruiser caught by David Knapp of Troutzone Anglers.  We had planned a trip to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in June.  The brook trout below was one of the last fish of the day that from a trip up a small mountain stream that was a highlight of the entire trip for me.  It was classic mountain pocket water and we caught brook trout and wild rainbows by the bucketful as we worked our way upstream over some massive hemlock log jams.