Thursday, April 30, 2020

A couple of favorites

I was texting a friend the other day about wet flies.  He had seen that I was tying some and mentioned that his favorites were the gold-ribbed hares ear and the royal coachmen. I have fished the gold-ribbed hare's ear in the Adirondack ponds but it's been a while since I fished it elsewhere.  That got me thinking that I should get out and fish one.  I fished one single hare's ear on my last outing, reminding myself that I should pull one out more often (previous post)!

I used to fish the royal coachmen wet in the Adirondacks when I first started fishing up there.  Adirondack brook trout seem to love red and white. In the Adirondacks, I find that fish will take a dry just as well so I've switched over to fishing a wulff version mostly for the fun of watching this fish slam a dry fly.

Stay well !


  1. So Impressive!! Did you get my email I sent you a few days ago? Thanks or sharing

    1. thanks Bill, I did not receive an email. I sent a message at the last email address I had for you on Monday am.

  2. They are my favorite and never w/out them. I would also add in the Silver Doctor, Alexandra, and the Light and Dark Cahills.
    Nice post.