Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bergman wet flies - the Alexandra

I've been tying some classic wet flies from the color plates in Ray Bergman's Trout.  I've always enjoyed thumbing through the plates and looking at the colorful wet flies of an age gone by.  I am sure a few people still fish these flies but I would be willing to bet that they are the rare exception

One pattern that has always intrigue me is the Alexandra with it's peacock herl wings and I've been curious to give this late 19th century Scottish fly a try.

Has anyone fished an Alexandra?  I would love to hear about it


  1. Mark I fish the Alexandra. When fishing and the action is not normal I'll tie on the Alexandra and it almost always brings a strike. I like swinging it across the stream. I tie mine just like you do with exception, I add a band of red along the side.

    1. Thanks Alan, I thought the peacock herl wing would attract fish. I also wonder how durable the fly is.

    2. The fly can take the chewing...looks delicate but holds up well.

    3. Thanks Alan, good to know!