Friday, April 24, 2020


I've been having some fun tying some classic wet flies and thought I would play around with some color.  This fly doesn't have a name and any resemblance to a known fly is purely by coincidence.  I thought the claret body and gold ribbing would compliment each other nicely.

If it looks like a fly you know, please leave a comment!


  1. Mark
    Absolutely stunning work at the vise---Are you guys in total lock-down? We are here until the end of the month after that the Governor will make a decision as to open up some.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. thanks Bill - I don't know if it would be called total lock down but unessential businesses are closed and most are working from home. We will have to see how Boston makes out in the days ahead to see if things will open up soon.

  2. Mark that's a good looking wet. The wing with the claret body are a good combination. I see browns liking it.
    I tie many soft hackles using claret silk. Two better ones are with starling hackle.

    1. Thanks Alan - I know claret silk and wool are used in Atlantic salmon flies. Someday I may fish it and see what happens but this one was mostly for fun

  3. Mark,
    Beautiful fly, very neat and balanced I love classic wets.
    In particular, I have not seen any exactly the same, perhaps some similar but not the same.
    Maybe in some other part of the planet someone has come up with the same fly but until you are sure, you can legitimately say that it is your creation.
    And of course very good!