Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Brook trout camp 2020

A small pond on a clear spring day
Here's a few pictures from some Adirondack pond fishing from last week.  Tpyical of the mountains, the weather ran the extremes from moderate temperatures with clear skies and calm to below freezing with blowing snow and white-out conditions.

Trolling flies on sinking lines brought fish each day from the beautiful jewels one might find in a small stream to the biggest brook trout I've caught to date.

Camp after an evening of snow

It was so nice to be off the grid for a few days and enjoy calling loons and the peace of solicitude of an Adirondack pond.  Thank you Lord for your amazing creation! 

Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
sing the glory of His name;
give to Him glorious praise;
Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds"!  Psalm 66:1-3

My friend with the best fish of the trip


  1. Wow! I would absolutely love to do that! Never been to the Adirondacks, even though I originally hail from western NY. Live in Virginia now, but my folks still live up there. The work of God's hands is certainly remarkable! Dino

    1. Dino! Thanks for commenting. Fishing the ponds is new to me so I'm just learning but I am very fortunate to have a friend that introduced me to it last fall. I am still amazed at how big the brook trout can get in some of these ponds.

  2. Mark
    Areas like this is why I wish I lived in the mountains. One doesn't have to land trout in fishing places like this, just soak up the beauty.
    P.S. I got the streamer today and was blown away with the workmanship at the vice you put into tying all of them. Bryson will be so trill to get them! So many thanks for making a 10 year old's day!!!

    1. Bill - We are very fortunate to have places like this close enough to visit and spend time. God's creation is truly amazing! While the pictures can't show it, the songs of loons in the night were another highlight of the trip. Glad to hear the wet flies arrived safely! Enjoy

  3. Replies
    1. RW - the tan canoe with the oars is a "classic" Hornbeck canoe and the green canoe is made by Lake Placid Boatworks. Both are made in the Adirondacks for this type of fishing and are light (the Hornbeck is around 18lbs and the Placid is a bit over 20lbs. Both builders are on the web if you are interested in seeing what they have

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