The gospel

The word gospel simply means “good news”.  It is the announcement of peace between God and mankind.  But if the gospel announces peace what is the reason there is not peace?  The bible makes it very clear that every person who has ever lived falls short of the perfection that God requires.  The good things we do can’t erase the fact that we have broken God’s law (Ten Commandments) and are therefore subject to God’s wrath and judgment.  Our misdeeds have created a gulf between us and God that God cannot ignore.

But…the gospel tells us that God’s great love for his creation and has forged a way to deal with our misdeeds so that we are not subject to His wrath.  God’s plan both preserves His justice (He can’t just over look sin) and at the same time extends His great love and mercy toward us.  God sent his son, Jesus Christ to earth.  Jesus lived a completely perfect life and in so doing became the only qualified pay the penalty for mankind’s sin.  When Jesus was crucified on the cross, God fully poured out his wrath on every sin that was committed by those who place their faith in Jesus’ perfect sacrifice.  The Bible says that all those who admit they have absolutely no hope in their own merit and have faith that only Jesus’ death on the cross can pay the penalty for their sin; are forgiven.  Not only are their misdeeds forgiven but Jesus’ sinless life is credited to their account so that they are actually viewed by God as completely righteous.  Where there was once wrath between us and God now there is peace.  This is the good news of the gospel – peace between God and man forged by the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The gospel goes even further though, it has the power to change lives.  Before faith we lived solely for ourselves, feeding our pride and desires but once the gospel takes root in our hearts, we begin to be transformed from the inside out and our lives start to reflect the gospel to others.  This is the good news and power of the gospel.  I’ve seen at work first hand and it’s why I am completely convinced of its truth.

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  1. Somehow I just came across your blog. Thank you for the gospel tab. It's a simple way to make an impact. Once we've peace with God, we can begin to investigate Jesus' proclamation of the 'kingdom of heaven' , or 'the kingdom of God'.

    I asked myself the question: After I'm born again, then what? The answer, I believe, lies within the reason why Jesus proclaimed the nearness of our Father's kingdom, and taught his disciples to declare the same. This was not a new concept but as old as Eden, and an essential part the Father's plan for us on earth. Jesus simply said and did what he saw the Father do and heard the Father say. That should be our example. let us pray we may be the instruments (gates) the Father will employ to release the influence of His Kingdom from heaven to this earth, As He taught us in His model prayer - Let Your Kingdom come ... in earth as it is in heaven. Food for thought (and life!).

    Tightlines! and Blessings to you.

    1. Bob O - thanks for your comment and thanks for reading

  2. I too somehow came across your blog, and thank you also for the gospel tab. I enjoy fishing the small streams in Colorado (especially up in estes park) and am reminded about God's existence through nature, people and the good news. Sometimes I get so caught up in flyfishing, I forget where the fish originally came from, Thanks for posting! - Lisa

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    1. Bigwalnutfly - Thanks for checking out the gospel tab

  4. Mark
    Re. Bible quotes:
    My religious tradition urges continual prayer. Throughout my day I try to be appreciative and grateful for God's creations. Easy to do this while patiently fishing and moving through water. A priest stated 4 of the Apostles were fishermen. In fact a case maybe made that Jesus was a fishing guide, "...cast to the other side...".
    Also, love your pics of food!

  5. Mark,
    Thank you so much for your clear presentation of the Gospel! I realized I needed Jesus as my Savior back in 1979. He has been with me ever since. Though I tried in other ways, only Jesus brought me the everlasting peace I sought. As our troubled world turns even darker, Jesus guides me and sustains me. He is the light!

    1. Rich - so glad to hear that you have found what all our hearts long for! God bless you brother!