Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sun and Snow

It's been several weeks since I was out with a fly rod in my hand so I was looking forward to the warmer weather predicted for this weekend. Friday's storm dumped a good bit more snow than expected.  Saturday morning's warm sun was so inviting so I decided to head out knowing that the melting snow was going swell the stream with cold run-off.

The snow was about up to my knees in places and the going was slow but it did weigh down the thorns and brush making getting around somewhat easier.  I didn't see any sign of fish but it was nice to get some fresh air, walk along a stream on a sunny late spring day, and take a few pictures.


  1. Pretty photos.
    The eastern part of the state got hammered.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the day.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt - it was a very pleasant day to be out

  3. Mark
    Those streams are even more beautiful with the heavy snow. I thought my son and I had a lot of snow in Flagstaff Friday but this is a bit much!!! Thanks for sharing some nice images

    1. thanks Bill - late winter/early spring days are lovely when the bright sun is out although it makes cold stream temps.

  4. Yes, bright sunny days in late spring are usually not the best fishing days but are wonderful to be outside for sure