Saturday, August 3, 2013

A repeat performance

Tiger lilies growing stream-side
Yesterday was another pleasant late summer day so plans were made to meet up with the Alan and Kirk.  We started off early in the afternoon.  Alan headed upstream and did pretty well, while Kirk and I headed downstream and blanked.

We moved up to a spot that I wanted to fish that Alan and Kirk know pretty well.  I was fishing a simulator with a bead head pheasant tail soft hackle off the bend.   I was drifting the dry/dropper through the tail a nice riffle when the simulator went down and I set the hook into a good sized fish.  The hold over brown fought hard and kept moving downstream using the current to his advantage.  I was eventually able to get below him and get the net under him, which it barely fit into.  Went I released him he headed downstream and another decent brown bolted upstream a few feet from where I was standing.  The soft hackle took another pretty wild brown and a palm sized brook trout.  We are seeing more and more brook trout on the Farmington these days which is a very good sign of a healthy river.

Photo courtesy of Alan Petrucci

Kirk and Alan headed up river and I stayed for little before heading further upstream for the evening hatch.  When I arrived, the fish were sipping small olives.  I managed a pretty brown and dropped a few on a #20 olive comparadun.  

brown that took the olive comparadun

Later in the evening, I switched to a sulfur comparadun and managed what turned out to be the only rainbow of the evening.  After dropping a few on the comparadun  I thought it was a good idea to switch over to the usual before it got too dark to tie it on.  When I checked the leader I notice that the tippet ring had been torn off so I headed back to the car to replace the leader.  It was tough getting the usual on the end of the new leader in the dark.  When I got back in the water things were definitely winding down, but I did manage three decent browns in the dark which is a bit unusual (pun intended) for this location especially after I had just told a friend earlier in the day that for the past two seasons I've caught only rainbows in this spot!  That's why we fish, there's always something interesting going on!

The last brown of the evening


  1. Good Stuff out there!!! Fine looking browns too!

  2. Very nice.
    Now I have to let you in on another sweet spot.

    1. Brk Trt - thanks for taking the photo, I never managed one myself in all the excitement. Let the education continue !!!

  3. Nice Mark, looks like a fun time!

    1. LQN - it sure was. love fishing fast water with big flies followed the evening hatch and spinners to close the day! Priceless!