Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big flies and moving water

Was out on another beautiful Friday afternoon. August has been gorgeous so far and a pleasant relief from all the heat and humidity of the month previous.  I started in a good location with a nice riffle so I put on an #12 olive stimulator (grasshopper ?) and off the bend I put a bead head pheasant tail soft hackle.  Once I worked into the deep section of the riffle I got a short strike on the stimulator and then another brown turned on the pheasant tail but I didn't connect with either.  As I moved up a nice brown took the stimulator.  At that point Kirk meet up with me and we fished up the riffle without any more interest.

Brown that took the olive stimulator

Kirk eventually found Alan and I meet them and we headed to a spot in the river that I had caught wild browns and brook trout the previous year.  This spot didn't disappoint, I managed to take a pair of pretty wild browns on the stimulator and a parachute Adams (#12) thinking the fish had probably seen some isonychia around.  I did break off another decent fish which immediately headed for the bottom shaking it's head the way larger browns will do.

A wild Farmington Brown (notice the red adipose fin)

I finished the day in spot where the fish were sipping something very small and out of my casting range, but I did manage get a decent drift with an iso comparadun and a sizeable fish took it and promptly broke off the 4x tippet.  You know a fish has some weight to it when you hear the splash followed by a ka-thunk!

Olive Stimulator
#12 TMC 200 hook
olive thread
tail - stacked elk hair
body - olive hare's ear dubbing
brown hackle tied in at the end of the body 2/3 the length of the hook and palmered to the rear and caught with small copper wire and counter-wrapped forward
wing - stacked elk hair
forward body - olive hare's ear dubbing
forward hackle - brown hackle palmered forward to the hook eye.


  1. Nice fish. The large flies seem to getting a lot of attention.

    1. Brk Trt - yes they are! Our favorite type of fishing, fast shallow riffles, big flies and vicious takes; maybe the fish are sensing the coming of fall

  2. Mark
    Colorful browns on a nicely tied fly, with enough hackle to keep it afloat without much floatant. Glad you guys are landing trout on the larger dries. Thanks for sharing

  3. Bill - thanks for your comment. One tying tip, if you tie in the Elk hair for the tail and bind down the butts up to the wing tie in point, you get a little extra flotation from the elk hair.