Monday, February 3, 2014

Some new small stream flies - the Adams?

New small stream flies, the Adams?  Really?  

It's true the Adams is one of those classic flies that most of us would never be without.  The fact is that while I have fished the classic Catskill style Adams many times over the years, it really wasn't one of my "go to" flies.  Last winter, I came across Fran Better's version of the parachute Adams and I decided to tie a few.  The past year, this fly has convinced me to considering using it more often.  In the winter months a size 16 or 18 will nicely serves for a stone fly pattern and then in the late summer la size 12 or 14 works well for the isonychias.  In fact, there isn't a season that I've not caught fish on this variation. 

With the ground hog tail, this version floats really well and it makes a nice dry for a dry dropper rig. The upright white parachute post makes the fly easy to see and track.  

Tying parachutes can be a challenge but Rich Strolis has an excellent tutorial.  If tying a parachute gives you fits, I suggest you watch it.  I've found it very helpful.

  Better's Adams parachute (#18)
Grey thread
Ground hog guard fibers (tail)
Muskrat dubbing
white poly parachute post
3 to 4 turns of brown and grizzly hackle


  1. Thanks. Tying parachutes does give me fits!! Going to watch the vid right now. In the mood to tie up a few.

  2. Jay - get a good thread base around the post. This will make the post stiff enough to wind the hackles around. The video illustrates this very well.

  3. Mark
    Really impressed with the color combo in this Adams--thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bill - it's another great fly from Fran Betters!

  4. Any fly that Fran Betters had a hand in creating will always do well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kiwi - on that comment we both agree. I like the look of the ground hog guard fibers for the tail vs. the standard brown and grizzly hackle fibers