Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hendricksons Part III

Hendrickson dun
Wednesday afternoon, plans were made to meet up with Michael Carl on the Farmington River.  Mike and I met through facebook over a mutual interest in "soft hackles" or wet flies and started messaging and eventually made plans to met and fish together.  I arrived a little earlier than Mike and so started fishing a run I haven't fished in quite a while.  It wasn't long before the double nymph rig stopped and I could feel a good fish had taken the dropper.  It was the typical bulldog brown battle with it hugging the bottom.  I just tried to stay downstream of him and keep side pressure on.  When I did get the fish close enough to look I could see the dark body with lots of bright red spots.  I just tried to stay patient and let the fish dictate and eventually the nicest wild brown of the season was in the net (for perspective, my net is 11" across at the top).

A hefty wild Farmington 
After Mike arrived we chatted for a bit and waited for the hatch to get going.  It was another light hatch but there were a nice bunch of rising fish to target.  The comparadun continued to be effective bringing a mix of holdover browns and a nice rainbow that was sitting on the soft side of a seam across a good current from me.  With a upstream reach cast I was able to get nice drift and the rainbow took the comparadun.

A healthy rainbow with a comparadun

Mike with a nicely colored brown
Blue sky and sycamores, simple beauty
 After the hatch the river got quiet for a couple hours so we passed the time nymphing, resting, chatting about small streams and just enjoying the beautiful day on this scenic river.

As the sun began to set the air above the stream became filled with insect swarms of egg bearing females and mating pairs.  I've rarely seen so many bugs in the air, they were everywhere.  I only wished I had stopped to take a video!  I targeted the first riser and hooked a healthy brown using a smaller an egg sack spinner (one that I had tied based on my observations two nights previous).  The Mike hooked into the biggest brown of the evening that took the spinner in water a lot of people walk through.  At that point a couple guys from Maine stopped by, we chatted with them for a bit and ended up helping them target some fish.  I was pleased to see one of them land a good brown on one of the spinners I have him.

Walking back to the cars we saw a few fish rising very close and I managed to land another decent rainbow at close range in the fading light, and so ended another beautiful spring day.

The first brown taken on a egg sack spinner - photo courtesy of Michael Carl
Mike with the best brown of the evening taken on a spinner in shallow water


  1. Nice Mark Very Nice!! Beauty of a brown too!!

  2. Congrats, Mark, on the fine day with the dry flies. That is my favorite way to catch trout by a long shot as it is satisfying to target a trout and get them to hit. Beautiful pictures too. Regards, Sam

    1. Thanks Sam - I probably catch more fishing nymphing but would rather take one on a dry then by any other method.

  3. Mark, great stuff as always. Hope to see you out there sometime, somewhere. Until then, take care.

    1. Mike - it was a good day and great company. We will have to do it again soon!

    2. Mike - thanks for the photo's as well. I added a note to to picture of the first spinner brown that the picture was taken by you. Not sure why I forgot that, old age?

  4. Mark
    Wow, some quality trout on my favorite tailrace there; don't you love it when you feel the fish hugging the bottom. What has been your best trout on the Farmington? Thanks for sharing